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About us

Carabiner produces and supplies a range of chemicals for the non-crop agri sector. We have a number of highly effective products aimed at various types of bush clearing with both selective and non-selective actives.

Products are also available for maintaining fence lines as well as forestry applications. The company prides itself on intense quality control and an extremely driven, highly motivated management team.

  • To deliver quality products
  • Bring innovative products to the market
  • Create valueable Environmental solutions for our clients
The Managing Director, Mike Dawson, has been has been at the forefront of development in crop and non-crop products for almost 20 years. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure constant new product development and quality control. Mike has built a number of very successful businesses. He has an intense knowledge of plants and chemicals and uses this to supply products which serve clients in the meat animal and stud game industries.

Rob Dawson (Director), has 22 years of business experience ranging from electrical engineering, which is where he began his career working for Siemens. He then went on to complete a MBA in finance and worked in the alternative investment industry in London and Hong Kong for 7 years, after which he returned to South Africa at the beginning of 2014.


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